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People, processes, structures and systems are critical to achieving an organization’s strategic goals.  It is important for leaders to know and understand when the current design is not working well and consider a redesign.  Simply put, law enforcement has evolved tremendously in the 21st century.  Therefore, when things change, organizations must also undergo change in order to remain successful. 

Organizational redesign is a process that involves several different aspects for shaping the way organizations are structured and operate.  IPS provides strategies through assessment protocols and analytical processes to achieve strategic priorities such as operations optimization, communication, improving decision making, accountability, organizational performance, morale, culture, retention, and recruitment.


Developing law enforcement officers for advancement and career development opportunities is essential to the growth and success of the organization.  IPS provides creative and original training content utilizing technology and 21st century pedagogy training concepts that places the utmost importance on capturing and expanding the cognitive capabilities of the modern-day law enforcement officer. 

All IPS training is offered on-site at sponsored venues and on-line for virtual learners.  After the completion of all training, learners will receive certificates for their personnel file and records of attendance and completion.   


Promotional decisions could be a success or pitfall for law enforcement organizations.  Therefore, selecting qualified candidates for promotional opportunities essential and must be done through a fair and consistent process.   


IPS provides customized and legally defensible promotional exams and assessments specifically designed to help law enforcement agencies make informed promotional decisions by identifying and selecting personnel best qualified for leadership roles, from frontline officers and supervisors to executive level management. 


People are the most valuable resources in every organization all over the world.  An organization will not function effectively without “great” people working together to achieve the common goals.  An organization is similar to an engine in a car; every part has its function.  When a part of the engine fails, the entire car is at risk of failing.  In other words, the organization is the engine and people are the parts that help keep it functioning properly.  If people fail, the entire organization is at risk of failing.  Having said that, it is extremely important that organizations have the right moving parts to keep the engine going in order to achieve success.


Attracting the best, finding the best and retaining the best resources to fit your organizational needs is a critical challenge.  People are a huge investment and finding the right fit is critical.  When making an investment in human resources, especially executives, organizations often reach out to executive search professionals who have the experience and expertise to help attract and identify the best candidates that will fit their needs.  Our Executive Search Solutions is specifically designed to do just that! IPS uses a comprehensive strategic process that guarantee you success in attracting and identifying highly qualified executives to meet the needs of your organization.  Contact us to help you find your next local, county, state, and federal police executive!


IPS experts are law enforcement professionals with several years of industry specific experience providing keynote speeches to help organizations engage, motivate, empower and inspire their teams. Our active participation in workshops, seminars, conferences and keynote speeches allows participates to leave with a plan of action that will help grow and improve their organizations.

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