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Dr. Gary Taylor

Consultant/ LE Instructor

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Dr. Gary Taylor is a retired police officer who has nineteen years of service with Fresno and Clovis Police Departments (California) beginning in 1994-2013. He has his (M.S.) degree in Criminology from California State University, Fresno, and his doctorate (Psy.D.) in Organizational Development from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, Fresno. Through his research, Dr. Taylor created an intervention program to help law enforcement officers, administrators and family members become more aware of the benefits of mental health treatment so they can get help sooner than later. He has consulted and has been asked to speak on this subject matter at conferences across the U.S.


During his years as a police officer, Dr. Taylor was an instructor for two years at the Fresno Police Academy, and he spent twelve years teaching force options, defensive tactics, driving instructor, peer support and report writing. Dr. Taylor identified 4th amendment issues with young officers and reported his concerns to the Field Training Officer Coordinator at Fresno PD. He was offered an opportunity to help correct the issues. Dr. Taylor created a curriculum to improve patrol officer knowledge on 4th amendment search and seizure and instructed all new hires during orientation during his last two years at FPD. He also served as an FTO at both agencies.


He was involved in a fatal officer involved shooting (OIS) in 2001, was exposed to countless calls of violence, several critical incidents, gangs, and a particular triple murder with children that still brings back emotional responses. He noticed changes in his behavior during his last three years with Clovis PD. However, without fully understanding the long-term effects of his trauma, he never sought help. His behavioral issues eventually led to being removed from duty, and a diagnosis from the doctor that he was suffering from PTSD and depression. Through treatment at the end of his career, Dr. Taylor learned more about how the physiological effects from his critical incidents negatively affected his personal and professional life. He also credits his psychologist with saving his life.


Dr. Taylor has been teaching in-person and online courses for California State University, Fresno in the criminology department since 2017. He teaches criminal theory, police management, introduction to policing and criminal justice ethics. He lives in Idaho and teaches Forensic Science at Bishop Kelly High School, and volunteers as a peer support person with Courageous Survival.

In 2020, Dr. Taylor was invited by the California POST Commission to work on updating the outdated "First Responder’s Guide for Persons with Mental Illness or Developmental Disability”. Dr. Taylor was credited inside the cover. POST was made aware of my concerns about POST academy guidelines on teaching mental health to officers. Dr. Taylor was invited to be part of the team to create an entirely new learning domain for POST, but COVID stopped the meeting, and nothing has come up since.


Gary’s graduate project, “Behavioral Health Survival for Law Enforcement: An Intervention,” focuses on stigma within police culture, symptoms related to chronic stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, fight-or-flight syndrome, depression, PTSD, and suicide. Gary can be reached at or through LinkedIn, under Gary Taylor 208-401-8159.

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