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Dr. Rudolph B. Hall Jr. 

Executive Vice President

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Dr. Rudolph "Rudy" Hall Jr. is the Executive Vice President of IPS.  He previously served as Assistant Chief of Investigations for the New York State Attorney General's Office. As Assistant Chief, Dr. Hall led the Office of Special Investigation. Where he oversaw all investigations of deaths of individuals after having contact with police or peace officers, including officer-involved shootings, motor vehicle collisions, use of physical force, and death in custody whether in police or correctional care and control across the State of New York.

In his prior role, Dr. Hall was the lead on a host of policy initiatives within the office of the New York State Attorney General. He crafted agency use of force policy, policies and procedures on when to shoot at moving vehicles, engaging in foot pursuits, and shooting to incapacitate. In addition to policy initiatives, Dr. Hall has created training platforms for law enforcement with public and private entities, utilizing industry best practices, modern technology, academic research, and over two decades of policing experience.

Dr. Hall is committed to creating environments of diversity and inclusiveness and has developed multiple initiatives and strategies to foster opportunities within public agencies. In his prior role as Assistant Chief, Dr. Hall crafted and facilitated recruitment and retention programs that are still in use today.

Before joining the Office of the New York State Attorney General, Dr. Hall worked for the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for 21 years. In his time with the NYPD, he held a supervisory rank for approximately 16 years, working in various assignments, including Patrol, Gang Unit, Street Crime Unit, Detective Bureau, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Risk Management Bureau, and Force Investigations Division. During his NYPD tenure, Dr. Hall was one of the lead members of the agency to work on the department’s body-worn camera program (BWC) and policy, as well as crafting the BWC training platform for the entire agency. In 2018 he created the first anti-crime training program for NYPD plain clothes officers, training approximately 1,000 plain-clothes officers on how and when to conduct constitutional stops of pedestrians during street encounters and motor vehicle stops. Additionally, Dr. Hall worked with the NYPD court-appointed Federal Monitor and his team throughout the remedial process. He collaborated in creating the court-approved training on constitutional stops of citizens and personally trained over 5,000 members of the department before retiring from the agency.

Dr. Hall earned his Doctorate in Education focusing on Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College in 2020. His research topic was the effect of body-worn cameras on plain-clothes police officers in the NYPD. Additionally, he earned his MPA at John Jay College, whereas an adjunct professor, he continues to teach introductory courses to criminal justice and the use of force in policing. Additionally, Dr. Hall is certified by the Force Science Institute to apply the principles and concepts of Force Science in analyzing the use of force incidents.

As a subject matter expert on police training, constitutional policing, body-worn cameras, and risk management in law enforcement, he has been a guest lecturer and panelist for multiple conferences, webinars, and print and digital media. Recently, Dr. Hall co-hosted a webinar for Lexipol, with over 2,500 attendees, where he discussed police training and the utilization of body-worn cameras. Dr. Hall is a graduate of the FBI National Academy session # 284.


As a career law enforcement professional with vast experience, Dr. Hall is passionate about training and committed to improving the law enforcement profession. Ensuring leadership, supervision, accountability, and training are significant variables in justice and reform for every agency.

Practice Areas:
Training & Development
Organizational Culture & Design

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